Hico Clinic

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Residents of Hico and the surrounding area know they will find compassionate, caring professionals at the Hico Clinic.

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Caring for over 800 patients a month, the clinic is a family practice facility providing quality care from infancy to senior adulthood. We offer a variety of procedures including

  • childhood immunizations,
  • allergy testing,
  • minor emergency,
  • minor surgery,
  • stress testing,
  • family planning, and
  • vasectomy.

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Since Hico Clinic is a part of the Hamilton Healthcare System, Hico Clinic patients have the added benefit continued surgical services, emergency services and much more through Hamilton General Hospital including an EMS station conveniently based in Hico.

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Located at 104 Walnut Street in Hico, the clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and open until 7pm on Tuesdays. Call (254) 796-4224 to schedule an appointment today.

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