Meet Our Courtesy Specialists

Citizens in our community no longer need to travel for quality healthcare. In addition to a brilliant team of family practitioners, Family Practice Rural Health Clinic routinely brings in specialists many of them perform surgical procedures at Hamilton General Hospital

Our courtesy and consultant staff include:

     Cardiology - Charles Shoultz Jr., MD, and Charles Shoultz III, MD

     Dental - Jerry Zschiesche, DDS

     Dermatology - James Mason, MD

     General Surgery - Larry Bragg, MD, and Stephen Norris, MD

     Obstetrics/Gynecology - Mark Moore, MD

     Ophthalmology - Neil Bealka, MD

     Orthopedics - John Ellis, MD, David Haynes, MD, and William Evans, MD

     Otolaryngology - James Fowler, MD

     Pathology - Central Texas Pathology

     Podiatry - Bohn Young, MD

     Psychiatry - Greg Blaisdell, MD

     Radiology - Scott & White Radiology Department

     Urology - Mark Story, MD, and Avi Deshmukh, MD