Surgical Services

Hamilton General Hospital performs wide array of surgical proceduresFrom tonsillectomies and colonoscopies to gallbladder removal, outpatients and inpatients are in capable hands with Hamilton General Hospital's surgical specialists.

OR Director Becky McKee, RN and her crew Alanda Tyson, RN, Surgical Technologist Jennifer Craig and Assistant DON Barbara Sanders join Anesthesia & Pain Management Director Dan Werlinger, CRNA and a host of doctors in making HGH's surgical team.

Thanks to our doctors' diversity, HGH is able to offer our patients a multitude of procedures in the security of their hometown hospital. Larry Bragg, MD performs general surgeries from gallbladder removal and hernias to mastectomies. Randy Lee, MD and Tim Rudolph, MD perform EGDs and colonoscopies.

In addition to our resident physicians, our courtesy and consultant staff perform a broad spectrum of surgical procedures at Hamilton General Hospital. Mark Moore, MD performs some gynecological procedures. Jon Ellis, MD and David Haynes, MD perform orthoscopic surgeries. Mark Story, MD performs urology procedures. Neil Bealka, MD performs cataract removals. James Fowler, MD specializes in tonsillectomies, adenoids and tubes.

Our surgery staff is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies.

The next time you need a surgical procedure, trust your hometown hospital to care for you.