Healthy New U begins January 1, 2015

Sign up today at Hamilton Wellness Center

The Hamilton Wellness Center is pleased to introduce a new community program for weight loss and wellness education.

Mission:To help individuals lose weight, maintain a healthier lifestyle, and improve quality of life.

Who:    Anyone and Everyone 18 years or older. (You do not have to be a member of the Wellness Center to participate in this program).

When: The program will begin January 1st, 2015. Classes will be held Tuesdays at 6:30 PM. Participants can sign up now through January 1st during Wellness Center business hours.

Other Information:

  • Cost of the program is $20 for registration due at the time of sign-up and $5 for every class/weigh-in due at each class attended. Each participant will be required to fill out an entry form, sign a waiver, and pay registration fee at the time of sign up.

  • Participants can come into the Wellness Center Jan 1 between 10AM – 12PM to set a goal, OR at the first weekly meeting on January 6. We will assist you in setting your healthy goal. Participants will be given a program calendar, notebook for recipes and education, and a Level 1 pin at the first weekly meeting on January 6.

  • Goals can be set in weight management, blood pressure, LDL, HDL, and total Cholesterol, endurance, flexibility, strength (MicroFit Test), and A1C values (The A1C test  is a common blood test that can be used to diagnose diabetes and to gauge how well your’re managing your diabetes). Those setting goals on Cholesterol will need to choose another goal as well to be measured more frequently.

  • If using Cholesterol or A1C values to set a goal, participants will be responsible for getting lab work done and providing results by the second meeting on January 13. Any lab work or MicroFit assessments (to measure endurance, strength, and flexibility) will need to be scheduled and completed prior to January 13, 2015. To schedule a Microfit test please contact the wellness center.

  • Weekly meetings will include a wellness education class on a variety of topics, with assessment on YOUR goal being done every 4 weeks. Cholesterol and A1C will not be assessed every 4 weeks and will only be assessed based on individual needs. Participants will have the opportunity to have weight, measurements, and blood pressure taken weekly; however, progress will only be recorded every 4 weeks.

  • The program will have a level system based on percentage of progress in your specific wellness goal. Participants will level up at 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100% of progress.

    Joining this program does not include a free membership to the Wellness Center.

For more information, contact a member of the Wellness Center staff at 254-386-1670.

Pay2Weigh Champions:

Fall 2014: Jessica Barron lost of 11.1% but gained $605 during the Pay2Weigh III Challenge.

Spring 2013: Keisha Bagwell lost of 17.32% but gained $981 during the Pay2Weigh II Challenge.

Fall 2012: Terry Short lost 11.46% of her body weight and claimed the $539 winner's pot in the first Pay2Weigh Challenge.