MicroFit® Assessment

Offering Microfit AssessmentFitness is more than just a number on the scale. Using the MicroFit® Interactive System, the trained professionals at the Hamilton Wellness Center provide our members with a well-rounded fitness assessment each year.

MicroFit® Assessment takes into consideration the following seven fitness components:


The client will answer short questions about their diet, exercise regime, and lifestyle choices to determine health status and areas where improvement can be made.

Body Weight

Body Weight is a standard tracking measure, but used in conjunction with other fitness components it becomes a better tool for determining health.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is taken with a highly accurate automatic cuff. One of the key numbers to know, your blood pressure can alert you to other more serious health problems.

Body Composition

A better indicator of fitness than body weight alone, body composition is taken from seven- site skin-fold measurements.

Bicep Strength

As safer version of the one-rep max test, bicep strength is taken through an isometric test.


Back flexibility is measured through a sit-and-reach test. Flexibility is important for every day living and preventing injury.

Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic fitness is determined by a short ride on a bicycle ergometer test. The output combined with data from a heart-rate monitor estimates VO2 max, a measure of your ability to utilize oxygen when you exercise.

Based on MicroFit® Assessment results, our trainers can help members set goals, identify areas of improvement and recommend exercise and nutritional program to better fit the member's needs.