For over 30 years, Hamilton EMS has served Hamilton County with pre-hospital emergency medical care.

The EMS Department began its operation in May 1990 with one ambulance and a dedicated team of first responders, ready to serve. Today, Hamilton EMS has expanded its operations into Mills, San Saba, Lampasas, and Llano Counties with 10 Mobile Intensive Care Units, providing the highest level of pre-hospital emergency medicine possible. With nearly 100 licensed employees, the EMS department provides advanced critical care level paramedicine, using state-of-the art equipment and medications.

Dedicated. Equipped. Advanced.

Licensed EMS providers bring the Intensive Care Unit to you in an emergency. Our EMS personnel are equipped with the latest and most advanced devices and medications available in the pre-hospital environment. Every ambulance is licensed and equipped at the Mobile Intensive Care Unit level.

Our apparatus respond with Stryker LifePak 15 Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillators able to diagnose and treat any cardiac related emergency to include transmitting ECG’s and other vital information to receiving hospital emergency rooms, cardiac cath facilities, and stroke centers during transport to ensure the receiving facility is ready and able to continue high-quality critical care when you arrive. For our cardiac care, all trucks carry Nitroglycerin IV drips, Plavix and Heparin which are ICU/CCU level medications that not only provide pain relief, but aid in restoring blood flow in blocked coronary arteries in the field- long before arrival at a cardiac cath lab. Each MICU and Command Response Vehicle are equipped with Lucas 3.1 Devices that deliver high-quality consistent CPR to patients in cardiac arrest to help increase each patient’s chances of survival, compared to traditional “hands-on chest compression”.


In addition to advanced cardiac care, our ambulances and crews provide immediate and life-saving emergency airway management through the use of MacGrath Video Laryngoscopy devices and Hamilton T1 Transport Ventilators. Video Laryngoscopy allows paramedics visualization of a person’s airway via LED lighting and camera equipment placed in a patient’s airway, to facilitate the placement of a breathing tube into the lungs of patients, of all ages successfully.

Our ventilators are state-of-the-art ICU/CCU grade transport ventilators and digitally automated allowing us to successfully provide CPAP and BiPAP pressurized oxygen and medications to conscious patients. This equipment also provides traditional ventilator care to patients who are unconscious or not breathing through a breathing tube that our paramedics have inserted into the patient’s lungs. Once placed, this equipment can sustain life during long-distance emergency transports to any trauma center, burn center, heart center, or stroke center that can provide definitive care to an emergency patient.

Hamilton EMS is licensed by the Texas DSHS as a Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) healthcare provider - The highest level of EMS available in Texas.

In January 2020, Hamilton EMS achieved its “Critical Access” designation, by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). To date, we are the ONLY EMS Provider in Texas to have achieved this designation.

Hamilton EMS is ready today and prepared for tomorrow to serve Hamilton, Mills, Lampasas, San Saba, and Llano counties. Hamilton EMS is based at Hamilton Healthcare System in Hamilton, Texas.

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