We Offer A Multitude of Surgical Procedures From Qualified Surgical Specialists.

From colonoscopies and orthopedic surgery to gallbladder removal, outpatients and inpatients are in capable hands with Hamilton General Hospital’s surgical specialists.

OR Director Becky McKee, RN and her crew join a host of doctors in making Hamilton Healthcare System’s surgical team.

If you need a surgical procedure, you trust your hometown hospital to care of you.

Thanks to our doctors’ diversity, Hamilton General Hospital is able to offer our patients a multitude of procedures in the security of their hometown hospital. 

In addition to our resident physicians, our courtesy and consultant staff perform a broad spectrum of surgical procedures at Hamilton General Hospital.

Meet Our Surgery Staff

Ryan Adams, M.D.

general surgery, specialty services

Keith Ellison, M.D.

orthopedics, specialty services

William Moore, M.D.

interventional pain management, specialty services

Tim Rudolph, M.D.

Charles Johnson, M.D.

Randy Lee, M.D.

chief of staff