Sleep Medicine

The Sleep Lab at Hamilton General Hospital specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in adults and children 14 years of age and older.

Every night, millions of people go to sleep hoping to wake in the morning rested and relaxed. However, for many, this is just not possible. They suffer from a sleep disorder. In fact, more than 40 million Americans suffer from some variety of sleep disorder. 

For most, the problem is hidden behind the veil of sleep and remains mysterious. Each year, approximately 10 million Americans consult their physicians regarding sleep complaints making sleep-related problems the THIRD most common complaint heard in the physician’s office (behind colds and headaches). Today, there is much that can be done, through technology and therapeutics, those afflicted with sleep disorders are beginning to find relief.

Sleep is an integral part of our lives.

Indeed, lack of proper sleep has been shown to be associated with many physical and cognitive ailments.

What to Expect During a Sleep Study

During a sleep study, sensors on your scalp, chest, limbs, and finger to record brain activity; eye movement and other muscle activity; breathing and heart rate, and the amount of oxygen in your blood.

The sleep study is done in a private “home-like” room in a house located near the Hamilton General Hospital campus.  Our objective is to provide a comfortable sleeping experience with all its amenities. Our Address” 814 E Boynton. 

Sleep Study Info

Sleep studies are generally scheduled at 8pm and 9pm. Patients present to the sleep lab, a house located near the hospital after first registering at the main hospital ( So, try to arrive at the hospital at least 10-15 minutes prior to your sleep study). Patients can wear their own pajamas and bring their own pillow, if they prefer. The study is usually finished by 5:00 am, so most patients are discharged in plenty of time to get home and get ready for work.

You will need to bring your insurance card, driver’s license and any medications you normally take.

The sleep tech will provide instructions on the sleep study; lights are turned off at 10:30pm and wake up time is around 5am. A bathroom with shower is available for those that need to go to work that day.

Coffee, juice or water is available.


Talk to your doctor to see if a sleep study test at Hamilton General Hospital Sleep Lab is right for you. A better night's sleep might be just a phone call away.
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