Admissions Clerk – Full Time & PRN


Patient Access

Job Summary

Performs admissions duties for admission inpatients, outpatients and emergency patients to hospital services.  Processes and files admission records and acts as liaison with patient family members or responsible party.  Performs duties involved in receiving payments from patients, accounting for and depositing payments and assuring payment information is reflected on patients’ accounts.  Answers multi-line telephone using departmental procedures in routing and transferring calls.  Reports to the Patient Access Manager. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Class III.

Job Qualifications

    • Education: High school graduate or equivalent.
    • Personal job-related skills: Typing speed of 45 wpm, operation of ten-key adding machine/calculator. Familiar with operating personal computers and knowledge of general clerical duties.
    • Licensure, registry or certification: None required.
    • Prior Work Experience: Previous office experience in a medical setting preferred.
    • Technical Training: None required.
    • Physical and Mental Requirements: Duties of the position require intermittent walking, sitting and standing. Some bending, stooping and reaching is required with the lifting of items up to a weight of 40 pounds. The ability to comprehend and follow routine written or verbal instructions.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    • Processes patient for admission.
      • Secures necessary information from patients or responsible parties.
      • Completes admission record based on orders from a physician.
      • Obtains consent signature for admission and testing.
    • Secures required deposit or insurance information.
      • Obtains insurance information, verifies coverage and pre-certifies patients if necessary.
      • Verifies co-insurance and collects deductibles.
      • Reviews past records for delinquent accounts and refers matter to supervisor if necessary.
      • Makes an appropriate financial arrangement if patient is not insured.
    • Receives and processes payments from patients.
      • Identifies amount of payment and prepares a receipt for the patient.
      • Ensures payment information is processed so that proper application to the patient’s account can be made.
      • Serves as a credit counselor if payment for charges cannot be made in the full amount.
    • Accounts for and deposits patient’s payments received.
      • Reconciles funds received with receipts.
      • Reconciles cash boxes when required and audits petty cash funds.
      • Prepares funds for deposit.
      • Prepares credit card transmittals on a timely basis.
    • Prepares reports and maintains files.
      • Prepares report of daily transactions and other periodic reports as directed.
      • Maintains cash receipts and cash report files.
      • Maintains office files as required.

Other Significant Requirements

    • Maintains confidentiality while working with confidential matters on a daily basis.
    • Provides service direct to patients while maintaining a positive customer relations atmosphere.
    • Follows safety guidelines and policies for the Healthcare System.

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