November 2020

Cadre Health and Hamilton Healthcare System Partner Together

Download the Hamilton & Cadre Health Press Release Nov 2 2020


Cadre Health and Hamilton Healthcare System Partner to Reduce the Number of Uninsured Patients and Improve Health Outcomes
This partnership will provide Hamilton Healthcare System with an effective platform to identify coverage and assistance options for uninsured patients who qualify for Medicaid coverage, disability, or other healthcare exchange options.
November 1, 2020 Hamilton, TX – Hamilton Healthcare System is partnering with Cadre Health to accelerate the enrollment of its uninsured patients with health insurance coverage, including Medicaid, along with other public assistance programs and resources that support health and wellness.

Cadre Health’s eligibility and enrollment platform leverages automation technology to screen uninsured patients for eligibility for more than 1,600 health insurance and other public programs nationwide. In addition to health care coverage, such as Medicaid and disease-specific programs, the Cadre Health platform screens for eligibility for other community resources that support health and wellness, including WIC and SNAP assistance programs, disability insurance, Head Start, and utility payment assistance. Once screened and identified as eligible, patients are supported throughout the enrollment process to ensure successful completion.
“We are excited about this opportunity to work with Hamilton Healthcare System. Reducing financial stress to the patient and their families, especially during this pandemic and ensuring their access to care aligns with both our missions” said Dr. Amy Funderburk, R.N., COO of Cadre Health. “Securing payment sources also ensures Hamilton Healthcare System is able to continue to serve those in need in their community.”

The Cadre Health eligibility and enrollment platform has a more than 95 percent accuracy rate for
Medicaid eligibility screening. Based on data from users over 16 months, the platform identified 81 percent of uninsured patients as eligible for Medicaid in states that expanded Medicaid under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act and 50 percent as eligible in non-expansion states. In addition, more than two-thirds were identified as eligible for other public programs.

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