Disaster Drill- June 7th @3pm

More than 100 volunteers, hospital employees and local emergency responders will take part in a mock disaster drill on Thursday June 7th at Hamilton General Hospital.  The drill will test the preparedness and response of local and regional agencies should a real crisis occur.

The event staged by Hamilton County Emergency Preparedness Coordinator,  James Thompson, will focus on response plans for an actual disaster which would trigger a sudden influx of patients, media, concerned community members and the “worried well” to the hospital.

The full scale drill is being conducted in collaboration with multiple partner agencies including the Hamilton Police Department, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office & Dispatch, City of Hamilton, County of Hamilton, Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department and Hamilton Healthcare System. Organizers caution that the event is a significant exercise and the local community can expect to see emergency responders at Hamilton General Hospital looking and acting as if it were a true disaster.   Normal hospital Emergency Department operations and patient care will not be affected by the drill in any way.

Hospitals are required to have disaster response plans in place and conduct periodic drills for improvement and training purposes.  “The goal of this exercise is to enhance working relationships and collaboration between the agencies and organizations involved” Thompson said.  “It’s a mock exercise, but it’s also a very real test of our ability to respond to an actual disaster.  We appreciate the cooperation of everyone involved.”